The Mat - Boulder Creek Laundry

Where You Can Try the Best Machines On Earth 

3 Ways The Mat - Boulder Creek Laundry Makes Your Day

Phone App

You Get 5%-10% Cash Back Every Time You Wash Or Dry

Live Machine View

You Can See Exactly Which Machines Are Being Used... This Can Save You A Trip To The Mat If We're Packed

Wash & Fold Service

You Can Just Drop Your Laundry Off & We'll Wash It For You. Save Some More Time For Yourself

The Mat - Boulder Creek Laundry Is Different

Taco Truck

We have a taco truck. Get a bite to eat at El Rey Leon, while your clothes wash.

Vending Machines

It's kind of outrageous how nice our vending machines are. Soap, food, and drinks are ready for you.

New Carts

They roll like an old '64 Chevy cruising the strip by the Boardwalk.

Wash & Fold Service

Drop you wash off with us and we'll do it for you.

Giant Washers

Imagine washing a months of clothes in under an hour. Yea we did that.

Music and TV

We play chill music and cool vids on our big screen. It's a vibe... how laundromats should be.

Get Rewards

You get cash back as you wash. If there's ever a problem we just refund your account. Simple.

Expert Handling

Ask our attendants for tips on how to do your wash. They're actual pros.


We're always there and always improving. We're building it for you, Boulder Creek.

Feels like it’s time for you to become part of the fam…

Stop Washing The "Old Way"

The Mat - Boulder Creek Laundry

  • Your clothes get cleaner with our epic new machines.
  • You can do a month's worth of clothes in under an hour.
  • You can get cash back every time you use The Mat - Boulder Creek Laundry

Old Laundromats

  • Sorry, but most of the time old machines are just gross.
  • Fumble around with quarters, handle dirty money & deal with broken machines.
  • How clean are your clothes REALLY getting?

Client Reviews​

I couldn’t believe how fast the washer and dryer was when cleaning my huge comforters. I have a washer and dryer at home but needed something for my big items. This place was recently renovated and was very clean and spacious. All the machines were really high tech with touch screens and timers. The staff answered any questions I had, and I’m so glad I came here for my washing needs. I’ll probably bring more with me next time so I can get even more laundry done all at once!


Rachel D.

The mat was very clean and inviting.  The machines were all new and honestly my clothes have never looked so clean.  I have a washer/dryer at my home but I had some large comforters and blankets to wash and they don’t fit in my home machines so I brought everything in and I’m glad I did!   There’s no way I could have gotten everything washed so quickly and so clean going anywhere else.  I’m definitely going back!


Chad M.

This place is awesome, the washer and dryers are super fast and efficient, very helpful service. I like the no more change needed to do your laundry, and the app is so easy to use. Definitely  recommend  coming here, I will be back again for sure.


Power E.