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Local Origin Story

Flashback: Imagine the Summer Of Love in 1967. A couple hippies wandered deep into the Santa Cruz Mountains where they found paradise... They never left.


Soon their family followed. They opened the Tourquois Nugget in downtown Boulder Creek and then Jack's Country Store. 


Then the family opened Village Wash Laundromat in 1974 and it remains today... with a fun new name. 

My parents, Monty & Sherry Parker, were the hippies in this story. My grandparents, Harold & Pearl Sanborn, were the original owners of the laundromat. I'm here to continue the loving community that they started.

I still remember my grandma teaching me how to count quarters in this laundromat. I grew up in Village Wash. It's a place I'll always hold dear. 

Boulder Creek Laundromat has gone through a lot of remodels in the last 47 years... but none like this.  


My name's Brandon. My fiance, Erin, and I are re-building the laundromat to represent our epic Boulder Creek community. 

A laundromat is a window into the soul of a community.  Boulder Creek deserves a place that represents just how special you all are. 

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