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7 Tips For Better Laundry

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

If you don’t know THESE 7 things, then you probably suck at laundry.

1. Sensitive Skin

Use the Extra Rinse on a medium setting.

The extra rinse helps get rid of residual detergent.

Speaking of detergent.. Be gentle on your skin and try something scent free. Here's my favorite detergent: Dropps

Chinchillas have the softest fur in the world...

Do you want skin like a chinchilla?

Or do you want armadillo hands like my Uncle Dave?

2. Very Dirty Clothes

Use the Heavy setting. Add a pre-wash and an extra rinse.

This helps remove extra dirt.

Are you a filthy animal?

Tree guys I’m looking at you...

Our lumberjacks have been getting dirty in Boulder Creek since 1875.

Other filthy people in Boulder Creek include:

-Young Children & Firemen (Because Heros Get Dirty)

-Bud Trimmers

-Hikers at Big Basin State Park

-People from Scotts Valley (haha totally kidding)

3. Bulky Items:

Use the Perm Press setting.

This adds more water and less agitation.

It's the best way to clean bulky gear.

Fun fact: This is what every pro hockey player does at the laundromat.

4. Delicate Garments:

You guessed it… Use the Delicate wash cycle.

It really is more gentle on your clothes, especially at the laundromat.

5. Smelly Clothes:

Use Hot water.

Hot cleans deeper. Hot gets at germs and heavy soil.

Let’s blame your dog for your smelly clothes. You smell fine.

6. Dark Colors:

Use Cold water.

This prevents color bleed and shrinkage... unless you're into that sort of thing.

7. Sweaters and Jeans:

Use Warm water.

This prevents fading and shrinkage.

Bonus tip: If you like extra tight jeans, then dry them hot, but they won’t last as long.

You Can Skip All The Steps Above...

Pro’s know another secret… Like how to fold perfectly. Do you think folding is a nightmare?

Just leave your dirty clothes with us... We'll do it all for you.

Your life will probably never be the same.

Imagine NOT doing laundry on weekends…

Yea, we can help with that. Peace,

-Brandon "How To Wash Clothes" Parker

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