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Why Smart People Use Laundromats

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

If you own a washing machine, but you don’t use a laundromat, you’re doing it wrong.

Picture the 1st laundromat built for people who already own a washing machine.

Rumor has it that some of the world’s smartest people are flocking to this new kind of laundromat.

Here’s why:

  • You can do all your wash in an hour. Why do you keep extra time on laundry?Throw it all in at once at the #laundromat.

  • New commercial machines remove stains your home machine can’t touch. #BoulderCreekLaundry has the strongest washers available.

  • The new machines are giant. They fit stuff like rugs and comforters. Big items are a nightmare in your home machine.

  • The new dryers will blow your mind. Do your sheets roll into balls and take longer to dry at home? Your dryer is too small. Our dryers can fit a Mini Cooper. Even big blankets spread out and dry quickly.

The Average Person Spends 8 Hours Per Month Doing Laundry.

Imagine when your clothes pile up for 2 weeks.

It takes an entire day to catch up.

Picture your routine:

Wash, dry, fold.

Start a load in between.



DAY... LONG...

At #TheMat you can wash everything you own in an hour and it will get cleaner.

Boulder Creek Laundry is the first laundromat for people who own their own washing machines.

It’s cleaner, faster and funner.

Come see what I mean… your wash life may never be the same.

-Brandon “Laundromat” Parker

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