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Laundry Drop

Wash & Fold Service 
9am - 9pm Daily

Imagine The Free Time You'll Have...
When We Do Your Laundry For You!

How It Works

Laundry Drop Off

Bring your mixed baskets of laundry into the store. We'll weigh your clothes. 2.50/lb. 

It only takes a minute to drop off so you won't waste time

We Wash & Fold Your Clothes

Your clothes will get washed, pampered, and folded to perfection. Our laundry legends will handle your clothes like you're the King of France.

Pick Up In Store

You'll get a text that your clothes are clean. Pick up is simple and fast. Your laundry is ready within a day. We also offer a VIP service that's done in 4 hours. Imagine how much free time you have when you let us do your wash.

What You Get

Detailed Inspection 

We sort every piece of clothing so you don't have to.


We check your pockets so you won't lose your ID or ruin your clothes.


Why do you keep leaving screws in your pockets? 

You also love to leave money in your pockets... And we love returning clean clothes and a ziploc full of cash. 


Premium Cleaning

Your clothes get the white glove treatement. We seperate colors and delicates. We use safe detergent and the right cycle for different material. 

Some of your construction clothes need to be hammered with all the power we've got... and your grandma's lace needs to be handled like a baby bird. 

We know the difference and we take time to do it right.

Client Preferences

Let us know how you like it...


Even though we probably do laundry way better than you...

We'll do whatever you want to make sure it's right. 


Neatly Folded

This is where the magic happens.

Your formerly filthy laundry appears back in your hands... Crisp, folded, and ready to hit your drawer.

It's basically like a spa day for your wardrobe.


Wash & Fold 


Standard Service --------- $ 2.5/lb 

VIP Rush Service ---------- $ 3/lb

Business Accounts Invoiced

Business Service --------$3/lb


Folded Towels

Do You Run A Business? 

If you do laundry for your business, then THIS could free up valuable time. I can help. Let's connect. 

Thanks for submitting!
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