Laundry Drop Wash & Fold Service 
1pm - 9pm Everyday
$2 per pound

Imagine if laundry was quicker and easier. Imagine if you had and extra 8 hours every month.
We've got you covered. Just drop your dirty bags of laundry off with us. We'll clean them like pros and give them back to you next day.
It's so easy, I'm not sure why anyone still does their own laundry.  

Here's other things you may need:

  • If you've spent an entire day washing clothes in small loads, the you could do it all at once at The Mat.

  • If you wash shoes, blankets, rugs, etc, then use our super powered machines to get that stuff really clean.

  • If you haven't washed your winter comforter in 2 months (and you know you haven't), then our giant washer will get it clean.

  • If you just need more free time, then our Laundry Drop service is golden.

  • If you've ever used a different laundromat, then The Mat will make you feel like a slice of warm apple pie.

What We Offer 
How It Works

Laundry Drop

Bring your laundry in baskets or bags. It can be all mixed up. We sort it before we wash. We weigh your clothes in front of you so you know the price. You leave in a minute knowing your chores are done.

Then The Magic Happens

Our laundry legends will handle your clothes like you're the King of France. Your clothes will get washed, pampered, and folded like the day they were born... in Macy's

Now You're Neat Like Marie Kondo

You can always pick up next day... sometimes sooner. Imagine your laundry crisp, folded, and ready to go back in the drawer. It couldn't be more simple.

What You Get
How It Works

Detailed Inspection 

We sort every piece of clothing so you don't have to.


We check your pockets so you won't lose your ID or ruin your clothes.


Why do you keep leaving screws in your pockets? 

You also love to leave money in your pockets... And we love returning clean clothes and a ziploc full of cash. 


Premium Cleaning

Your clothes get the white glove treatement. We seperate colors and delicates. We use safe detergent and the right cycle for different material. 

Some of your construction clothes need to be hammered with all the power we've got... and your grandma's lace needs to be handled like a baby bird. 

We know the difference and we take time to do it right.

Client Preferences

Let us know how you like it...


Even though we probably do laundry way better than you...

We'll do whatever you want to make sure it's right. 


Neatly Folded

This is where the magic happens.

Your once dirty clothes appear back in your hands... but now they're crisp, folded, and ready to hit your drawer.

It's basically like a spa day for your wardrobe.

Do You Run A Business? 

If you do laundry for your business, then THIS could free up valuable time. I can help. Let's connect. 

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